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Wedding vendor sharing!


Hey there fellow wedding vendors!

You’re receiving this post because I’ve just sent you a gallery of wedding photos from a wedding that we worked on. I am so stoked to be working with you! In this post, I’m going over some best practices for when you share images created by me.

Much of this will apply to photos received from other photographers as well, but it’s always best to check as each wedding photographer approaches vendor photo sharing differently.


Why are these guidelines in place – why bother?

To some, it’s ‘just a photograph’. What’s the big deal? To us photographers, this is our entire livelihood so we are, to varying degrees, protective and particular about how they are used.

I am not trying to be difficult or demanding, just protecting my work. It’s often misunderstood in the photographic digital age. The photo already exists and the client has paid for them, so what difference does it make how other vendors use them? Well, there’s a whole world out there of copyright law and intellectual property and crediting someone for their work. I want to do right by our clients, the vendors that we love to collaborate with, and our my business too.


Please don't ask the wedding clients for access to their galleries as this is breaking their contractual agreement with me. Occasionally, wedding clients request changes within my contract that limit the use for all sharing of their images including social media.

When sharing to Instagram or Facebook

You are welcome to use the images on social media crediting me as the photographer each time you use them. These images are all edited as the client receives them so please don’t crop, add colour filters or manipulate in any way.


Instagram @jess.burges.photographer

Facebook @Jess Burges Photographer

Please add a hyperlink to any website posts -

If you would like to use the images for any other advertising/promo (flyers, brochures, website banners, promos etc) please contact me to discuss commercial usage.


Example of tags below -


Tips for best, best, best practices!

I simply ask that in exchange for images you’ve received at no cost to yourself, you respect the guidelines I’ve outlined above. This is in order to make this a fair trade, which benefits both my business and yours. Rather than asking you to sign a formal contract, I politely request you read through the information so we are on the same page. In the spirit of vendor cooperation, a little courtesy goes a long way.


You’d be surprised that probably 80% of the times I’ve sent wedding galleries out to vendors, I’ve heard not a single word back. So, mindful that photographers have taken the time to sort and share images with you. I am looking forward to seeing you all in the up and coming season.


No assignment of copyright shall be implied. Copyright remains with the content creator.

Wedding vendor photo sharing is a tricky subject and if you have any questions about any of the above please reach out.

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